Empowering Seamless Mobility: The ID200 Series DC Brushless Wheelchair Controller

The ID200 Series DC Brushless Wheelchair Controller enhances mobility with high efficiency and advanced control technology. Designed for smooth and responsive handling, it features customizable settings, robust safety protocols, and seamless connectivity options for a superior user experience.


The ID200 series stands out as a significant innovation in the wheelchair controller market, designed to deliver seamless operation and superior control. Developed to meet the evolving needs of modern wheelchair users, this controller series ensures enhanced maneuverability and reliability.

Product Overview

The ID200 series controller is engineered specifically for brushless DC motors, offering advanced functionalities that facilitate smooth and responsive wheelchair handling. It is optimized for both indoor and outdoor environments, providing users with a dependable mobility solution.


Feature Specification
Motor Compatibility Brushless DC Motors
Voltage Range 24V, 36V
Current Output Up to 45A
Efficiency 95%
Programming Programmable with multiple profiles
Connectivity Bluetooth, Wi-Fi options available
Safety Features Current limiting, thermal shutdown, fault detection
User Interface Digital display with customizable controls
Enclosure Water-resistant (IP65 rated)
Dimensions 165mm x 115mm x 50mm

Key Advantages

  • Adaptive Controls: Adjusts power and speed settings to user preferences and terrain changes.
  • High Efficiency: Operates with up to 95% efficiency, minimizing battery drain.
  • Customizable Interface: Allows users to tailor control settings via a user-friendly digital display.

Design and Performance Superiority

Rotontek's ID200 series controllers are compact and robust, designed to fit seamlessly within a wheelchair’s framework without adding excessive weight. The casing is durable and water-resistant, making it suitable for all-weather use. Its internal components are of the highest quality, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.


  • Personal Mobility: Ideal for individuals seeking enhanced control over their mobility devices.
  • Rehabilitation Equipment: Used in rehabilitation centers to provide patients with customizable mobility solutions.
  • Specialty Vehicles: Adaptable for use in other electric mobility vehicles requiring precise control.

Potential challenges include the initial setup and customization, which may require technical assistance to optimize based on the user’s specific needs.

In summary, the ID200 series by Rotontek redefines what's possible in wheelchair mobility with its advanced control technology, offering unmatched precision and adaptability in a user-friendly package. Its cutting-edge features and robust design provide users with the independence they desire and the quality they need.


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